Vehicle Patrol Services

We understand that you can’t always be at your facility / property, whether you’re gone for an hour, or hours at a time, a patrol service might be a great option to provide the total peace of knowing that you’re protected while you are away. Our mobile patrols offer a reliable way to protect your assets without the excessive cost.

We will provide uniformed officers in professional, well-marked and maintained security vehicles to patrol and inspect your business / property, as contracted, while you are away. All Majestic Patrol Service Vehicles are GPS monitored, and have direct cell phone dispatch for quicker respond times.

Visibility is a powerful crime deterrent. By our vehicles presence alone, we can help enhance your employees’ safety and reduce the risk of vandalism or theft on your property. We help to prevent problems before they start. Should the need arise Majestic will coordinate with property managers and local law enforcement.

Majestic patrol services include, property lock-ups such as pool gates, laundry rooms, recreation rooms, entire building door checks, building structures, construction sites.

Vehicle patrol services can be an inexpensive way to secure your home or property while you are away.

Partial list of areas protected by our Vehicle Patrol Services
  • Retail Establishments
  • Night Deposit Escorts
  • Apartment Housing and High Rises.
  • Construction Sites
  • Gated and Not Gated Housing Communities
  • Office Buildings
  • Mobile Community Living
  • Lock Checks/ Interior and Exterior Door Checks
  • Car Dealerships / Storage Facilities

Majestic Security’s Mission Statement

Majestic Security’s corporate objective is to provide our clients and communities with the highest level of security at a competitive price while serving our clients with an honest, competent and courteous staff, both in the field and at the corporate level.